What is OPOS? (One pot One shot)

This is the new technique of cooking i learnt from the group United By Food in Facebook. Mr.Ramakrishnan has revolutionized cooking by  inventing this method.

I am posting the explanation given by Ramakrishnan sir, for a clear understanding.
OPOS is the simplest cooking technique on earth. It uses One pot and all cooking is done at One Shot. No steps, sequences or supervision required. OPOS seeks to unchain you from the stove, make cooking drudgery free and empower anyone to cook confidently.

All OPOS recipes listed here are just a list of ingredients followed by a very brief cooking method. Learn one, and you have learnt them all.
Cooking method 1: Pressure cook.
Cooking method 2: Blend all.
Cooking method 3: Mix all.

Why OPOS ?
OPOS is Green. One vessel to wash.
OPOS is Clean. Hygienic by design.
OPOS is Fast. 10 mins to fresh food.
OPOS is Liberating. No supervision.
OPOS is Healthy. Less oil used. More nutrients retained.
OPOS is Consistent. Same results every time.
OPOS is Flexible. Cook your way!
… but be warned ! OPOS is Addictive. There is no going back !

Is OPOS just a fancy name for something we have always been doing ?
One Pot cooking is what we have always been doing. The emphasis here is on One Shot. It is One Shot that unchains you from the stove.Those recipes are exceedingly rare. OPOS makes possible cooking a complete feast in a single shot.
OPOS is all about Themes. Themes are universal. Each cuisine interprets the same theme with local ingredients into local recipes. Each OPOS theme is a template for a huge number of recipes you can easily cook up by just varying the building blocks.

What equipment do I need ?
A small pressure cooker, an Induction stove, a stick blender, measuring cups and spoons, a knife, a cutting board, grater & peeler. That’s all the ‘kitchen’ you will ever need. All OPOS recipes you see below are designed to be cooked with just these and nothing more.

So how do i start this?

Basically you need a 2 litre pressure cooker (Preferably stainless steel). All my recipes to be posted are done in a 2 litre cooker and an Induction stove. The quantity is for 2 people. Once you get the hang of the method, you can double or triple the recipe and try the same in a bigger pressure cooker.

Can i use a gas stove if i don’t have an induction stove?

Yes you can, but you need to do something called a standardizing test in your 2 litre pressure cooker. Pour 1/4 cup measured water in the 2 litre pressure cooker, close the lid put the weight immediately, keep it in small size burner or medium size burner and keep it in high flame. Start your mobile timer, Check if you get the whistle in 1 minute or max 1.5 mins in high flame or 1st whistle within 3 mins in medium flame. If you get it in that time,switch it off and you are good to try the OPOS recipes. Certain recipes suited the medium burner in gas stove certain food stuff got burnt. So depending on the recipes, you can choose to keep it in small burner or medium burner after your trial and error methods. But the standard equipment works the best i.e An Induction stove.


Will update more about this technique as we go.

And i wish to thank Ramakrishnan sir for introducing me and many of us to this wonderful method of cooking.

Here are some screenshots from Mr.Ramakrishnan’s journal for a clear understanding.



Please post all your doubts and queries!


22 thoughts on “What is OPOS? (One pot One shot)

  1. Thanks for your detailed description about opos….
    Can you elaborate about power Watts in induction stove?
    I did the same as per your instruction.. 1/4 cup water in high power 1200w.
    No whistle even after 5 min.
    Only Induction suits me as my kid offer seeks attention when I am cooking..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi do you have measuring cups ? 1 cup = 250 ml. Did u try standardizing a 2 litre cooker ? 1200 watts is fine for high. Please let me know if you had used a 2 litre cooker and professional measuring cups.


  2. I am from North india… i hav gone thru few recipe on youtube… isn’t the same as what our moms using since long… i mean my mum uses pressure cooker for lentils and for majority vege’s in one Go…shes 55 right now.. Am I missing something ..m confused ..


    • Hi pressure cooker cooking is not the same as OPOS method. Here the concept of layering is introduced. Scientifically the layers are arranged according to the heat source. And can you cook a subji for two in 4 minutes in the normal way without compromising on the taste and fully cooked .


    • Hi, actually the concept of OPOS is cooking at very high heat at shortest time. So basically all the recipes are standarized only for a 2 litre. The reason behind this is, in OPOS the vegetables are cooked in its own steam with minimal water. In a 2 litre only 250g veges are allowed because we need a minimum space for the steam to generate. If the space is less enough steam wont get generated and vegetables remain uncooked and if the space is more, the steam gets generated very fast leading to burning. For this very reason the recipes done in a 2 litre with the quantity mentioned for a 2 litre wont work out in a 3 litre. You may need to change the entire ingredients minimum 1.5 times more or upto 2 times more to keep the minimum space required for steam generation. So i would request u to use a 2 litre only wherever it is mentioned


  3. Namaste sir.please let me know how to cook all types of red and black rice like kudavalai arisi, karuppu kavuni, kulangar arisi,mungil arisi etc. I am keeping 12-14 whistles after overnight soaking . Still it’s not cooked. Please help.
    Thank you.


    • Hi nithya , if you are in opos school / opos support group , please message RK sir via FB ! This is my blog ! I am Madhumita. And i am sorry i do not have any clue regarding how to cook those rice .


  4. Hello sir, I want to purchase your OPOS kit. Bur not able to get in Butterfly stores or on Amazon. Pl. give me the contact number of the supplier preferably in Hyderabad.


  5. Hello sir, I want to purchase your OPOS cooking kit. Bur not able to get in Butterfly stores or on Amazon. Pl. give me the contact number of the supplier preferably in Hyderabad.

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  6. While I was introduced to OPOS by a friend, my husband is very skeptical about cooking at high temperature in a cooker. He says it goes against the basic science of the cooker if we cook at very high temp and release pressure immediately. Please let me know how to convince so I can continue opos-ing.


    • Hey hi most of us have a lot of preconceived notions regarding a pressure cooker. One main rule is we must follow the recipe to the T without changing anything mentioned. So you will not have any kind of issues. You can pause pressure releasing till your husband gets convinced. Call him . Make him stand next to you, try a recipe to the T. Show him the end result. The results should convince him! Please use only a 2 litre pc. Make sure it is not older than 4 years. Don’t change any quantity. Have kitchen weighing scale, measuring cups n spoons ready and call and demonstrate to your hubby.


  7. Hi..i am newbie to OPOS and learning and i know OPOS recepies works best in 2L pressure cooker with given quantity veggies but can you tell me if i want to cook 1 kg veggies in 5L pressure cooker, should i increase the base water quantity as well i.e 150ml for 5L? and should i track the whistles from the standard recipe? (obviously i think not time as quantities are increased). and how should i standardize my 5L pressure cooker?


    • Hi welcome to the concept of OPOS! I would like to explain this rule/concept before answering your query. The reason 2 litre was used is because there has to be one standard base and usually if we standardize for 2 ppl , it will be easy for others to cook proportionately for a lot of people. Basically why we are very particular about using a particular quantity in a particular size cooker is that, we cook veges using steam and pressure. We add a particular amount of water needed for the recipe qty so that steam is generated and cooks the veges. A particular space is required for the steam to get generated hence RK sur suggested for 250g or 2 cups we need a 2 litre so that there wil be enough space above the veges for steam generation. If you add more quantity in a 2 litre there will be no space for steam generation hence it wont be cooked properly. If you leave lot of space i.e less qty veges in a big cooker, it gets heated faster, more steam generation and faster burning. That’s why he has formulated quantities for a particular size cooker. Now there is no fixed standardizing for bigger cookers. You need to try n adjust accordingly . Just follow a 2 litre recipe, 250g if u put 1/2 tsp salt , add 2 tsp only for 1 kg. Exact 4 times. Each vegetables takes different water quantity. If in a 2 litre your beans took 2 tbsp for 250g , then for 1 kg its 8 tbsp/ 1/2 cup water for 1 kg. Always the whistles remain the same. 2 whistles on high. Try it this way . You will know how your veges work in a 5 litre. Next time ull know if the water qty was right or u need to increase/decrease by 2 tbsp. hope this is clear 😃


  8. I did standardisation test for 4L cooker with 120ml water n it took 3.50mins to get first whistle. Is that ok??can i use dat cooker. Please guide as i have family of 4 n have to cook in quantity.


    • Hi there is no set standardisation for biggercookers as of now. All basic recipes serves 2 people. Just exactly double each n every ingredient in any recipe and go by the same whistle count. Just that the same 2 whistle will take longer time. That’s all.


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